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From acrobat to apothecary


we are apocalyptus

After long careers as professional Trapeze Artists and Acrobats. Apocalyptus is born out of an appreciation for the benefits of essential oils. 


Having trained mind and body to push the boundaries of what's thought possible, we are left with the wearing effects on our joints and muscles.


We rely on our trusted balms to augment any physiotherapy or injury prevention program that we undertake or to simply ease out any tension or muscular pain that we endure. 

We wanted to offer our balms to you.


Whether surfing, climbing, running, dancing, playing sports, yoga or working at your computer, use our natural, organic balms to soothe aches and pains. Relieve over-used and tired muscles, help fight infections and encourage a sense of wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on high production values and offer our customers high-quality products with style. 

We hope you enjoy our handmade products.


To maximise the benefits of the balms we advise application at least 4 times a day.


Make them part of your daily routine.

Tested on Acrobats

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